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 ARLS merging with Cabelas

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PostSubject: ARLS merging with Cabelas   Fri Jul 10, 2009 1:11 am

OK guys after many weaks of debating, my fellow sacks and I have decided to merge with Cabelas. Mostly due to drastically low numbers forcing us to cancel massive events. we have canceled 5/9 Dynamis's, we have chosen to spam Omega because we lack the consistant numbers to figt ultima. I understand how frustrate everyone of you are with event cancelations and having to low man many of our other events. Also Tress getting hacked and us losing the bank helped finalize the descision, without being able to run dynamis to regain a bank we quivckly burnt threw the small reserve i had managed to accumulate. As it is right now we do'nt have the gil to buy any members(myself included) cursed gear to go with your adjurations.
For this frustration i personally apologize to all of you and you all deserve better and more from an endgame shelll. So we decided that to avoid many of these on going frustrations and to let everyone enjoy the game again as an endgame entity that we will merge with cabelas on Saterday7/11-09
First event being Dynamis.
I have personnally talked with Paimeii and worked out varius details with pai so that we wont be completely starting over with points in some regards. Heres how it's goin to work:
What will happen with my points??
Good question. we will ALL be starting at 0 points within the cabelas points system. HOWEVER Every trigger that ARLS brings with us will goto ARLS members as per our current point/drop system with NO deduction to any accumulated cabelas points. and for the record we have 1-2 kirin pops a hand full of god pops, Omega and ALOT of triggers for sea. ALSO we will split the first 2 odin drops same as before the merger.
I agreed to this due to the fact that all of us that show up to events will climb points with relative ease while still being able to gert some drops at no real point loss. helping to compensate for the point reset.
Note: any triggers that any of you have from personal farming or w/e can still be used as we did for razza tonight. pick a drop you want and the rest goes to the shell.
While I understand that some of you may not agree with the descision we have made. I hope that many of you will join us in cabelas we have a great group of players and this merger will only he both shells to grow and accomplish many things that we would not have been able to do as seperate entities. I also understand that somee of you will choice to not join Cabelas, I do not blame anyone for which ever your choice is. I hope there will be no hard feelings towards any of your curerent members if you want to be angry at someone please pick me. This is a burden i have struggled with deciding on for well over a month now. I wish ALL of you the best of luck in your future endevours wether it be within Cabelas or which ever path you chose to follow. I personnally made what i feel is a vast number of friends via AncestralRecall and hope that we can continue to enjoy this crazy game called FFXI together in the future.
Take the good with the bad but always remember the good times we had as a group. Best of luck to everyone
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PostSubject: Re: ARLS merging with Cabelas   Fri Jul 10, 2009 2:29 am

Kind of makes me wish I didn't pass on all that stuff, holding out for crimson pants, oh well.

I may or may not follow. Personally going from next in line for drops to another list for rdm, is really dismaying.

Also am I able to remain coming rdm to stuff, without need for gearing drg (as I passed on all the heca stuff)? I love rdm, as many of you know, and I don't want to be forced to come as anaything else.

Is there a link or some thing to their site?
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PostSubject: Re: ARLS merging with Cabelas   Fri Jul 10, 2009 3:14 am

You Datsko, are a rare sight. Not many RDM's I know enjoy doing pink mage >.<
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RL Galka

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PostSubject: Re: ARLS merging with Cabelas   Fri Jul 10, 2009 12:07 pm

Some of you might also know that us merging was talked about months and months ago even when I was still playing a lot but for the same reason. Numbers. Recently it was talked about because of the fact that running an end game shell is a lot of work. Something I never wanted to burden Traub, Crunch and Lomb with, but I couldn't do it alone. Now that I am not playing much anymore, that is a million times more pressure on the sacks they never deserved. Me not being on, my fellow founders taking breaks that turn permanent, my getting hacked, constant low numbers, the stresses of running a shell, all kinds of stuff led to this point.

When I had originally thought about merging I had set a bunch of ground rules with Paimeii and his sacks that wouldn't effect the roots of their shell but stay as fair as we can for AR members. Recently Traub and Pai went over everything again and made a couple revisions and I think what has been worked out is the best way we can do this. Otherwise, AR would just slowly die out and we would all have to start over again with points anyway elsewhere. I know starting over is a huge kick in the ass to everyone but it was important that we try and please as many people as we can. Most importantly, I wanted to keep as many of you together as I possibly could. Moving to Cab was the easiest way to do all that. Doing Einherjar and Tiamat together for so long has formed a good bond between the shells so I felt it would be the smoothest option. I strongly encourage everyone to go to Cab. Again, one of the goals was to keep us all together as we all work well together and get along great.

Any of you that are angry for any reason, don't be mad at anyone but me. I worked myself to the breaking point for you all and I just couldn't do it anymore. I got hacked out of my own idiocy, and I allowed my interest in the shell to dwindle while trying to straighten my life out. My ambition in leading just dwindled and I wasn't giving the shell my all anymore. The stress of leadership got hard on me fast when Triston, Ashnod and Rofellos all left. I just broke down and couldn't do it anymore. That's why the now sacks have been running shit.

Regardless of what happens and where everyone goes I want you all to know that being your leader and holding the Shell for AR has been a privilege and an honor. I am super proud of everything we accomplished as a shell because a lot of people thought we would just fail right off the bat. You guys have all impressed the shit out of me with your skill and knowledge time and time again. It has been awesome playing with you all under my linkshell and it sure as shit isn't something I will soon forget. I consider all of you my friends, and for that reason alone I will never toss the AR shell. That way we can all stay in touch if you don't go to Cab with the people who do.

Well, enough with the sappy shit. My back is fucking killing me and I need to lay down. I hope to see you all at dynamis on saturday.

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PostSubject: Re: ARLS merging with Cabelas   Tue Aug 04, 2009 1:38 pm

Bump as I am stopping in to say Hola.

I'm still on my partial hours, and I'm honestly not interested in jumping back into the FFXI scene. I will most likely peep FFXIV when it's live, but I'm not binding myself to that yet. :p

Sorry to hear about the attendance drops, but the merge seems like the best choice to maintain events and stuff. So long as the other shell heads are reasonable, you guys should have a good time.

@ Mord, Tress or Ash:
If any of you want to use my character, let me know and I'll give you the info. The only cost required is to pay the monthly fee for the account (I'm still pretty broke, lol). I'd never sell my account since I'd hate to see an asshole take over my fucking radness.

I picked you 3 to control my shit, since I figure you'd get the most use out of it, and be there a day I load up again, I figure you'd enable me to do this. You guys can share the login with other trusted people, just pickup the monthly and try to keep it unhacked. Worst case scenario on a hacking, call me and I'd help sort it out.

If you guys want another 75 Mnk and Brd to use, hit me a PM and we'll do phone details. Best of luck in the new shell, it looks like it's been about a Month now. Hopefully all is going good.

Jolly Day. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: ARLS merging with Cabelas   

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ARLS merging with Cabelas
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